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About Us

The mission of Faculty and Staff Development is to provide quality opportunities to College of Education faculty and staff that will assist in their personal and professional development as a fulfillment of Texas State's belief in supporting life-long learning for all employees.

Faculty and Staff Development initiatives contribute to individual, organizational and community excellence through learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange. We are committed to integrity, learning, equity, creativity, accountability and quality service guided by the quality principles of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, employee empowerment, dynamic teamwork, visionary leadership and decisions based on data.

We will sponsor activities, provide resources, and identify needed support so all faculty can improve their knowledge and skills and be successful in the following areas:

  • teaching
  • leadership
  • scholarly activities
  • personal development
  • designing and implementing internally and externally funded grants and projects

We will support the growth and success of staff in the following areas:

  • acquiring skills related to job responsibilities
  • developing and/or honing required skills and competencies necessary to help accomplish institutional and divisional goals/purposes
  • personal development
  • preparation for advancement within and beyond Texas State

Faculty and staff development activities are successful when these areas are realized for all, and when the goals of the college and university are simultaneously met. 


C&I Department
Dr. Jodi Holschuh, Chair

HHP Department
Dr. Karen Meaney, Chair

CLAS Department
Dr. Kevin Fall, Chair

Dean's Office
Donya Villarreal, Senior Admin