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The Office of Faculty and Staff Development

Our mission is to facilitate the professional and personal development of faculty and staff and to foster an environment in the College of Education in which all faculty and staff are empowered to continually work toward improved growth, service, leadership, teaching, and scholarship. 

The Office of Faculty and Staff Development is focused on intentionally and appropriately assisting all faculty and staff in the college. The Office of FSD will sponsor activities, provide resources, and identify needed support so all faculty can improve their knowledge and skills and be successful in the following areas:

  1. teaching
  2. leadership
  3. scholarly activities
  4. personal development
  5. designing and implementing internally and externally funded grants and projects. 

The office of FSD will support the growth and success of staff in the following areas:

  1. acquiring skills related to job responsibilities
  2. developing and/or honing required skills and competencies necessary to help accomplish institutional and divisional goals/purposes
  3. personal development
  4. preparation for advancement within and beyond Texas State

Faculty and staff development activities are successful when these areas are realized for all, and when the goals of the college and university are simultaneously met. 


The Office of Faculty and Staff Development is under the leadership of Dr. Eric Schmidt.  Dr. Schmidt is an associate professor in the Professional Counseling program at Texas State University and director of the Assessment and Counseling Clinic. Dr. Schmidt holds a PhD in counselor education from the University of North Texas, an M.Ed. in counseling and guidance from Corpus Christi State University, and a BS in psychology from Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas.  His research interests include motivation and adherence to weight loss for children and adults, clinical supervision for chemical dependency counselors, and theoretical guidance and grounding. Dr. Schmidt is a member of the ad hoc testing committee for Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.