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Doctoral Program in Developmental Education

Welcome to the Doctoral Program
in Developmental Education!

The doctoral program in developmental education provides its student-scholars the tools with which they can critically examine the current state of developmental education, define its essential role in postsecondary education, engage in research-based reconceptualizations of the field, and create new theory and innovative practices. The program’s vision transcends narrow, static views of teaching and learning as well as deficit-oriented views of students that have traditionally dominated the field. The program values social, cultural, and critical perspectives on learning and learners. Through providing its doctoral students with rigorous research, scholarly, and professional experiences in an apprenticeship model, the program aims to effect change in multiple areas of developmental education.
This website provides overviews and details of many aspects of the doctoral program in developmental education. Thank you for your interest, and we urge you to contact us if you have questions.



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