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Required Courses

Our program requires 10 Reading Courses and 2 Cognates/Electives. 

An Overview of Requirements:

Reading Courses with no prerequisites (5 classes, 15 hours)

Reading Courses with Prerequisites (3 classes, 9 hours)

Reading Capstone Courses/Internship  (2 classes, 6 hours. You take these courses while teaching, during your final year at Texas State.)

Cogate Course Requirements (2 classes, 6 hours)


RDG 5310 – Teaching Literacy with Children’s & Young Adult Literature

RDG 5345 – Assessment-driven Literacy Instruction

RDG 6336 – Reading Specialist Internship I:  Designing and Evaluating Literacy Research in Schools

Suggested cognate courses are available in the Reading Handbook (available through Program Coordinator or the Reading Program TRACS site).

Check the Student Handbook and the Graduate Catalog for course prerequisites.  Choose your cognate courses in consultation with your advisor.

RDG 5320 – Foundations of Literacy Instruction

RDG 5331 – Literacy Methods for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students

RDG 6333 – Reading Specialist Internship II: Designing and Evaluating Literacy Professional Development in Schools


RDG 5322 – Teaching Reading in the Elementary and Middle Schools

RDG 6330 – Language Acquisition and Development for Literacy Instruction



RDG 5326 – Developmental Literacy in the Middle and Secondary Schools




RDG 5340 – Connecting Reading and Writing in the Classroom