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Texas State Research Enhancement Program

Texas State's Research Enhancement Program (REP) is an internally funded grant competition intended to encourage and provide support for faculty research and other creative activities. All full-time tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty may apply as PIs; senior lecturers, may serve as co-PIs. Individuals may apply for a maximum of $8,000; two or more eligible faculty, for a maximum of $16,000.

REP’s mission is to contribute to the greater body of knowledge in all disciplines through research, scholarship and creative expression. These awards are very useful in piloting research ideas and methodologies, and collecting the data necessary to apply for larger external grants. In recent years, COE faculty have been successful in receiving awards (see document below) and we encourage all COE faculty to consider applying. Please note that first-time tenure-track Principal Investigators receive bonus points during the review process.


  • COERO Staff: We are available to assist you in preparing your application. Please let us know how we can help you submit a competitive application!
  • Texas State REP Webpage: The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs offers guidelines, workshops, and the proposal evaluation form for the College of Education.
  • REP Application Portal: Log in to the Texas State Internal Proposal Online Submission Portal to submit your application

College of Education Awardees (2019)

Katherine Purswell (CLAS): $7,925
Child-Centered Play Therapy with Children who have Experienced Trauma

Yumeng Li (HHP) and Ting Liu (HHP): $16,000
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning: Diagnosis of Postural Control in Children with Autism

Emily Suh (C&I) and Emily Miller Payne (C&I): $16,000
A Comparative Analysis of State Policy and Implementation: Understanding the Adult ESL-to-Credit Pipeline

Matt McAllister (HHP) and Kevin McCurdy (HHP): $14,080
Impact of Moderate and High Intensity Resistance Exercise on Postprandial Oxidative Stress

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  • Past Awardees

    • Dr. Carlton Fong (C&I): $8,000
      Evidence for Learning Strategies and Student Achievement: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis

      Dr. Shaywanna Harris (CLAS): $7,955
      Investigating the Effects of Neurofeedback on ADHD Symptoms in College Students

      Dr. Stacy Hunter (HHP): $8,000
      The Effects of Bikram Yoga on Vascular Health in Hypertensive Adults

      Dr. Minda Lopez (C&I) and Dr. Jane Saunders (C&I): $12,800
      To Be or Not To Be a Reading Specialist

      Dr. Joni Mettler (HHP) and Dr. Lindsay Kipp (HHP): $16,000
      Impact of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Physical Activity in Older Adults

      Dr. Natalie Myers (HHP) and Dr. Duane Knudson (HHP): $16,000
      The Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio in Relation to Injury Risk in Adolescent Tennis Players, $16,000

    • Dr. Michelle Forsythe (C&I) and Dr. Julie Jackson (C&I): $12,000
      The Impact of Reflective Video Cases on Preservice Teachers' Science Instruction

      Dr. Paul Jantz (CLAS) and Dr. Richard Morley (Criminal Justice): $16,000
      NIH Blueprint: Human Connectome Project Data Analysis: The Link Between Brain Networks and Known Predictors of Violence

      Dr. Melissa Martinez (CLAS): $6,000
      Latina Educational Administrators Nationwide (LEAN)

      Dr. Mary Odum (HHP) and Dr. Jeff Housman (HHP): $16,000
      Childhood Obesity Prevention for Low-Income, Minority Families in San Marcos, Texas

      Dr. Justin Rigby (HHP) and Dr. Chang Ji (Chemistry & Biochemistry): $16,000
      The Role of Therapeutic Ultrasound Frequency in Maximizing an Anti-Inflammatory Drug Transdermal Delivery

      Dr. Marialena Rivera (CLAS): $8,000
      Inequitable PK-12 School Facilities Investment in San Antonio, Texas

    • Dr. Glenna Billingsley (C&I) and Dr. Brenda Scheuermann (C&I): $16,000
      Measuring the Effectiveness of HB 2684: Training for School-Based Law Enforcement Officers

      Dr. Alyson Collins (C&I) and Dr. Stephen Ciullo (C&I): $16,000
      Practice-Based Professional Development: An Experimental Study to Improve Third-Grade Content-Area Writing

      Dr. Gabriel Fife (HHP) and Dr. Marie Pickerill (HHP): $8,000
      Field Assessment for Traumatic Head Impact (FATHI): Combat Head Impact Project (CHI Project)

      Dr. Lindsay Kipp (HHP) and Dr. Ron Williams (HHP): $16,000
      Psychosocial and Physical Well-Being of Early Adolescent Soccer Players: A Prospective Study

    • Dr. Maneka Brooks (C&I): $4,080
      Selective Texts for LTELs: An Examination of High School Biology Teachers’ Instructional Practices

      Dr. Shannon Dean (CLAS) and Dr. Paige Haber-Curran (CLAS): $16,000
      Teaching Pedagogy: Creativity, Inclusivity, and Engagement

      Dr. Kent Griffin (HHP) and Dr. Karen Meaney (HHP): $15,863
      Cycling 4 Fitness & 4 Life: A Positive Youth Development Program

      Dr. Jeff Housman (HHP) and Ms. Krista Thomas (HHP): $8,160
      Creating a Visual Environment for Cure Exposure and Extinction among a High-Risk Alcohol Abuse Population, $8,160

      Dr. Kyung Min Kim (HHP) and Dr. Luzita Vela (HHP): $16,000
      Effects of Acute Ankle Sprain on Muscle Function

    • Dr. Barry Aidman (CLAS) and Dr. Sarah Nelson (CLAS): $16,000
      Leveraging Community Resources: A Study of District, Nonprofit, and Business Collaboration

      Dr. Stephen Ciullo (C&I)
      Enhancing Learning and Engagement Using Informational Text for Students with Disabilities in Grades 4 and 5

      Dr. Jennifer Czocher (Mathematics) and Dr. Luz Maldonado (C&I): $16,000
      Investigating Mathematical Modeling Activities of Students from Mathematically and Linguistically Diverse K-12 Students, $16,000

      Dr. Cheryl Fulton (CLAS): $6,475
      Mindfulness as a Predictor of Observed Rated Empathy in Counselors Trainee

      Dr. Araceli Ortiz (C&I) and Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman (Engineering Technology): $6,712
      Research and Development of Engineering Learning Assessment Instruments Supporting Engineering Technology Students’ Success through Problem-Based Learning

      Dr. Eric Paulson (C&I) and Dr. Emily Summers (C&I): $16,000
      An Analysis of the Move toward Integrated Reading and Writing Coursework in Texas Community Colleges, $16,000

      Dr. Shaunna Smith (C&I) and Dr. Beth Bos (C&I): $15,944
      I’M Fab: Integrating Mathematics through Fabrication

      Dr. Desiree Vega (CLAS): $8,000
      Following in Their Footsteps: An Exploratory Study of High-Achieving, First-Generation Latino College Students

    • Dr. Joellen Coryell (CLAS) and Dr. Trae Stewart (CLAS): $13,573
      Study Abroad and Community Engagement: The Case of Post-Earthquake Adult and Higher Education in Christchurch, Aotearoa

      Dr. Joni Mettler (HHP) and Dr. Jim Williams (HHP): $16,000
      Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Cellular Markers of Skeletal Muscle Growth and Degradation in Stroke Patients

      Dr. Kyung Min Kim (HHP) and Dr. Luzita Vela (HHP): $16,000
      Motor Neuron Activity of Lower Leg Muscles Following Ankle Sprain