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Post-Award Services

If you are visiting this website, you may have recently been awarded a grant and you are wondering – how can the College of Education Research Office (COERO) help and what is post-award administration? First, congratulations on your new award and if you do not have one yet, COERO is confident they can help with that too.

Managing a grant can be overwhelming! In collaboration with the College of Education Principle/Co- Investigator(s), the COERO Research Coordinator for Post-Award Administration provides financial management assistance, guidance, and consultations. Support is provided to navigate and explain the many processes associated with receiving an award and provide advice for unique situations that can occur due to unexpected project changes after proposal submission, during award negotiations, or new developments in any active project year.

If requested, post-award assistance offered in the College of Education Research Office may include:

  • Review of account set up by the central office (Office of Research & Sponsored Programs)
  • Setup of Indirect Cost Account (also referred to Facilities & Administrative costs)
  • Develop an expenditure/spending plan with the Principal Investigator
  • Monitor grant research expenditures
  • Provide monthly grant budget updates/reports
  • Provide unofficial grant ad hoc financial reports or projections
  • Coordinate vendor purchases/payments, travel requests and reimbursements, and personnel hires with appropriate department staff or grant project staff
  • Assist with processing grant Research Cash Advance Request so that the Principal Investigator can provide payment to Human Research Subjects
    • Assist Principal Investigator with Research Cash Advance Reconciliation
  • Assist Principal Investigator process grant Participant Support payments
  • Assist in monitoring grant compliance of award terms, conditions, and reporting deadlines
  • Assist in providing clarification on institutional policies and procedures
  • Serve as the liaison with other University offices

Should you be unsure of who to address your question to, as our University and College has many excellent staff with different specialties, please contact Alex Lengefeld to point you in the right direction!

Please visit this site again as updates are posted on an on-going basis. Thank you for visiting!


Alex Lengefeld, Research Coordinator for Post-Award Administration

Receive assistance to successfully execute your award!

Contact: Alex Lengefeld, Research Coordinator for Post-Award Administration

Office: ED 2134

Phone: 512.245.5543