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Pre-Award Process

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Pre-Award Workflow


I. Proposal Development

Develop Your Proposal Idea

1. Consider the following:
 What is the big idea?
 What is the research objective?
 How will your project impact others?
 How will you assess the outcomes?
 How is the project relevant?

2. Discuss your idea with your colleagues.

3. Resources:
 Research Plan
 Project Work Plan

Draft a Concept Paper

1. Draft a concept paper

2. Share with the RC for feedback.

Find Funding

1. Explore funding sites.

2. Sign up for the PIVOT Funding Database.

3. Review the RFP for eligibility and determine fit.
 How will your project impact others?

Contact Program Officer

1. Contact the Program Officer with the concept paper.
 Is this a good fit for the funding opportunity?

2. Stay in touch with the Program Officer throughout the process.
 Ask for clarification.
 Build your relationship for future opportunities.

Draft a Proposal Development Plan

1. Email the Dean and Chair that you are interested in applying.

2. Read the RFP AGAIN.

3. Get organized.
 Create a proposal checklist.
 Formalize your grant team and establish roles and expectations.
 Host team meetings (Zoom or face-to-face).
 Identify required and recommended supplemental documentation fro the RFP.

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II. Pre-Award

Notify the Proper Parties

1. Email the Dean and Chair with more details. In the email, include:
 any potential course buyouts, facility needs, cost share, names of PI, co-PI.

2. Submit a proposal notification through Kuali Research.
 Include a link to, or PDF of, the RFP.
 Answer the questionnaires.
 Instructions for subawards

Craft the Proposal

1. Request the letters of support/collaboration early!

2. Draft your budget.
 Consider any sponsor limitations.
 Ensure it reflects the scope of the work.
 For assistance, email the RC.

3. Write your narrative and ask a colleague and/or RC to review it.

4. Identify and draft supplemental forms. Ask ORSP and/or RC to review.

The earlier ORSP and COERO receive your documents, the more thorough the review. Be mindful of your fellow faculty and staff and submit early!

Finalize Budget & Submission Plan

Recommendation: Complete this stage at least 10 business days before sponsor deadline.

1. Finalize your budget and draft your budget justification.

2. Confirm the submission plan with ORSP.

Follow the 3-Day Rule for Routing

1. Submit, at a minimum, the following for routing approvals and copy the RC
 Abstract/summary/scope of work
 Budget justification
 Subaward documents
 All required sponsor forms

2. Review and approve routed Kuali Research Action email.

Prepare for Submission

1. PI reviews final documents for approval to submit.

2. Be available to review final materials and to provide approval to submit.
 ORSP cannot submit a proposal without the PI's final approval.

Submit Proposal and Celebrate!