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Step 5: Apply for Student Teaching

Clinical Teaching

Step 5: Apply for Clinical Teaching

(The application is used for Student Teaching and Internships. Future Interns, please indicate your plans in the comment section.) 

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  • Before You Apply

    • When selecting a district on the Student Teaching application, consider transportation and living arrangements.

      • Have a couple of districts in mind before applying for Student Teaching, but do not contact the districts.
      • Please select two districts that are geographically close together.
      • For a list of District Partners (please note, this list can change without notice), read Choose District Preferences.
    • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations may be provided in Student Teaching placements for students with documented disabilities who are registered with the Office of Disability Services.

      Accommodations cannot pose an undue burden to the university or the Student Teaching placement.

      • Students are responsible for disclosing disabilities and requesting accommodations as far in advance as possible so that accommodations can be coordinated in a timely manner.
      • To disclose a documented disability, contact the Office of Educator Preparation.
  • When to apply

    • Student Teaching Application Window
      Semester Application Window
      Fall Student Teaching February 1 - 15
      Spring Student Teaching September 1 - 15
    • Application Timeline

      To help you identify the point at which you should apply for Student Teaching, we have developed the table below.

      However, your path to certification will differ from others seeking the same certificate.

      The Office of Educator Preparation recommends you visit with your Academic Advisor or Graduate Advisor to determine when you should complete the application for Student Teaching. You might end up applying for Student Teaching and Test Approval simultaneously. This is normal. 

      Your degree or program Your timeline to apply
      Bachelor's + Certification The fall or spring prior to Student Teaching
      Second Bachelor's + Certification The fall or spring semester prior to Student Teaching
      Certification + M.Ed. (CMED) At the beginning of your last semester of coursework, the fall or spring prior to Student Teaching
      Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) At the beginning of your first semester
      Stand-Alone Teacher Certification At the beginning of your last semester of coursework, the fall or spring prior to Student Teaching



  • How to apply

      1. Once you have narrowed down your district preferences, go to ePortfolio and log in. Create and submit an application for Student Teaching.
      2. Please note, late applicants are subject to a Growth Plan. If you miss the application window, you may be required to delay Clinical Teaching to a future semester.
      3. Contact the Financial Aid office to discuss how part-time enrollment will affect your aid.
    • You will be notified of placement details via your BobcatMail. 

      • These emails will carry detailed, time-sensitive instructions.
      • Check your BobcatMail daily, even on weekends and over holidays.
    • The application for Student Teaching is only the first step in a very lengthy process. Most students will not receive finalized placement details until just before Student Teaching begins.

      • This is a long and challenging waiting period.
      • Do not contact the district until asked to do so by the district or OEP. If you contact a district for an update, you will delay the process. In some cases, contacting the district may result in cancellation of your placement request.
      • It is the perfect time to study for your Certification Exams and read the Student Teaching Resources.
  • How to reapply

The application is available Feb 1st - 15th for Fall, and Sept 1st - 15th for Spring.